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Platform overview
      The first phase of the company covers an area of 74.75 mu, with an investment of 170 million yuan. It has built three pharmaceutical intermediate workshops, a GMP API pilot plant, a technology incubation center, and supporting storage and transportation facilities, public engineering facilities, administrative office facilities and other facilities.
      Shaanxi Youbang New Technology Incubation Center -- to build more than 5800 square meters of international first-class professional science and technology incubator according to European and American standards. The design, construction, equipment configuration, and management system are strictly in accordance with the international first-class professional standards, with a total investment of more than 39 million yuan. On the one hand, the center undertakes the research and development of heterocyclic compound Engineering Laboratory, on the other hand, it also carries out R & D outsourcing services such as cdmo and FTE.
      At present, there are two senior biomedical returnees with doctorates in the incubator, all of whom have worked for more than 20 years in international pharmaceutical giants such as Squibb and Pfizer. Under their guidance, Youbang has a domestic R & D team composed of 6 doctors, 10 masters and many elite students from 985 and 211 universities. More than 30 products have the ability of industrialization and developed more than 200 globally unique small molecular active compounds. Since 2014, 114 national invention patents have been declared, 12 invention patents have been authorized, and 2 provincial scientific and technological achievements have been identified. In addition, the laboratory has a large number of high precision imported instruments, such as gas chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer, etc. It can meet the needs of molecular block business, process development and optimization, customization from gram level to ton level, API GMP pilot development, pilot test and industrialization of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals.
      There are more than 200 sets of reaction, condensation, distillation, centrifugation, drying and other equipment in the production workshop, with various reaction capabilities such as oxidation, hydrogenation, peroxide, nitration, fluorination, chlorination, etc. The production process is controlled by automatic system, which is safe, reliable and controllable in the whole process.
      GMP pilot plant of API has GMP pilot production line of anti-tumor API, which is designed and managed according to the first-class GMP standards at home and abroad. It has the production capacity of the whole production process of API synthesis, refining, sub packaging and finished product production, and can undertake the associated evaluation of various APIs.
      There are refrigeration machine, nitrogen generator, ozone generator, purified water unit and other public facilities in the power plant, which can provide normal operation guarantee for the production workshop. The investment in environmental protection is more than 20 million yuan. The selection of domestic advanced environmental protection treatment technology and equipment can ensure the discharge of wastewater and waste gas up to the standard.

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