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National People's Congress Representative Lv Tianbao: Improve relevant laws and regulations to promo

Edit:管理员 Date:2023-05-14 14:41 Views:8022
First, improve the new energy laws and regulations system and promote energy legislation. Implement the new concepts and requirements of energy development in the new era, so as to form effective guidance, systematically revise and improve the Electricity Law and the Renewable energy law Law, form a legal system in line with economic development in the new era as soon as possible, break the bottleneck of power reform system and mechanism, support the rapid development of new energy, and lay a solid legal guarantee for building a new power system and building an energy power.

The second is to strengthen organizational coordination and work together to break bottlenecks. Taking the pilot project of integration of source network, load and storage as the topic, establish a joint coordination mechanism led by the energy regulatory department, organized by policy release units, industry supervision, technical consultation, source side, grid side, load side, and other units. Guided by market-oriented operation, promote and solve contradictions and bottlenecks in policies, institutional mechanisms, technology, market, and other aspects of the power reform process.

The third is to tailor measures to local conditions and prioritize promoting the on-site consumption of new energy. China's coastal saline alkali mudflat have good conditions for the construction of new energy, large demand for industrial agglomeration load, and comprehensive advantages and conditions for the local consumption of green power supply based on the integration of source, grid, load and storage. We should accelerate the promotion of the pilot project of integration of source, grid, load and storage, adjust measures to local conditions, coordinate the industrial layout, promote the local large-scale development of coastal new energy resources, and the local consumption of green energy, Promote the clustering of high-energy consuming industries and the transformation and upgrading of industrial energy structure in coastal areas.


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National People's Congress Representative Lv Tianbao: Improve relevant laws and regulations to promo